Leverage the New Year to Promote Emergency Alert Signups


The New Year is just weeks away and that means New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show that about 3/4 of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, a number that gets as high as 90+% for younger age groups.

While you can’t help your citizens pay off their debts or lose weight, you can offer them one resolution that’s easy to keep and will make them safer. Suggest that they create an emergency preparedness plan!

Of course one part of that emergency preparedness plan should include signing up for emergency alerts. So offer them whatever methods you’ve got available to do that. And if you’re lucky enough to use Hyper-Reach for your mass notification service, you can offer them more ways to sign up than any other service.

Here’s a press release you can use as a template for your own to send to local media. Let us know if you need any help in making this work for you and your community.


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