Top 5 Emergency Mass Notification System

A Top 5 Emergency Mass Notification System

Hyper-Reach is for anyone who wants to notify a group of people all at once in a variety of ways at low cost. Our clients range from soccer coaches for elementary teams all the way up to entire groups of counties. The difference in systems is based on population served and intended uses:

Municipal, 911 Operators and Government Emergency Responders – government connected users will have an enhanced version of Hyper-Reach,called Accu-Reach which includes geo-targeted mapping, IPAWS and other of our most robust features.

Regulated Utilities and Businesses – First responders and managers can have early warning of important events providing precious time for planning and built in request for response. Hyper-Reach is frequently included as part of business continuity plans for corporations around the US.

Higher Education – Campus connected users are able to notify first responders, security personnel, administrators and  student populations via phone, cell, text, landline, tty, and email as well as social media.

Community and Religious Organizations – Churches use the system to request volunteer help rapidly, to notify members of upcoming events or to send regular inspirational messages at costs well below mailing.

Hospitality and Entertainment Security and Human Resources – Incident response where large crowds of retail customers gather is important to safety. Managers in these industries rely on Hyper-Reach to organize management response or to enlist extra staff when needed.

Home Owners Associations – Utility shut offs and natural disasters, meetings and community events are all uses that Home Owners Association presidents/boards have found to use when they acquire Hyper-Reach.

Private groups (teams, families, clubs) – Small groups use our basic Hyper-Reach system as a fast, easy and reliable way to notify members of events, rain cancellations, updates, photo shoot appointments, uniform fittings, meetings, committee decisions.

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