Higher Education


Reliability and Flexibility for Emergency and Community Use On Campus

Colleges and Universities face two challenges when using an outbound notification system like Hyper-Reach: Choosing a system that is absolutely reliable in any situation and choosing a system that is easy enough to use for non-emergency functions like event notifications and cancellations.

The Professional Solution From Emergency Response Experts

Hyper-Reach has been vetted and approved by some of the top emergency response and security organizations in the world. They understand that this is a specialized field and choosing a product that is a side business for a vendor is never an option. Hyper-Reach is our primary business, designed for the most rigorous applications, yet easy enough for a campus administrator to use for community communications.

Variable User Permissions For Both Emergency and Non-Emergency Campus Notifications

Our extensive user-permissions ensure that authorised users can use the system for purposes within their jurisdiction without compromising the requirements for mission-critical emergency responses.