Mass Notification System for Higher Education

Mass Notification System for Higher Education

Reliability and Flexibility for Emergency and Community Use On Campus

Colleges and Universities face two challenges when using an outbound notification system like Hyper-Reach: Choosing a system that is absolutely reliable in any situation and choosing a system that is easy enough to use for non-emergency functions like event notifications and cancellations.

The Professional Solution From Emergency Response Experts

Hyper-Reach has been vetted and approved by some of the top emergency response and security organizations in the world. They understand that this is a specialized field and choosing a product that is a side business for a vendor is never an option. Hyper-Reach is our primary business, designed for the most rigorous applications, yet easy enough for a campus administrator to use for community communications.

Variable User Permissions For Both Emergency and Non-Emergency Campus Notifications

Our extensive user-permissions ensure that authorised users can use the system for purposes within their jurisdiction without compromising the requirements for mission-critical emergency responses.