Mass Notification Features and Tools

More Ways to Reach Anyone and Everyone:

  • Phone messages use recorded voice calls to reach thousands of people in minutes.
  • Use messages recorded in your own voice or our natural text-to-speech feature
  • Record your messages right on your PC with our integrated RecordTime(tm) system
  • Translate your message into Spanish or 166 other languages in seconds
  • Text messages use native SMPP interface and multiple gateways for redundancy
  • Email via parallel, redundant servers for speedy delivery and maximum reliability
  • Two-way messaging lets receivers respond by phone, text or email


  • Automatically send messages via Facebook and Twitter
  • Link to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts and newsfeeds


  • Generate alerts that can be read by any RSS reader
  • Customize RSS feeds to provide web-based alert pages


  • Alerts show whenever the browser is active – even if it’s in the background
  • Works on all major browsers and all Android devices
  • Easy one-click registration for teams and the general public


  • Alerts show in place of web-based ads.  Targeted by geography. 
  • Works on both iOS and Google devices and all browsers.


  • Full support for the Common Alerting Protocol
  • Send alerts anywhere: devices, apps, sirens, etc. 


  • Use our APIs to broadcast to your digital signage.
  • Send messages based on location, department and more. 


  • Use our APIs to connect to sirens.
  • Target by geography, as needed. 


Simple, precise geographic targeting:

  • Google Maps eliminate the learning curve: your team already knows how to use it.
  • Leverages billions in investment by Google.
  • Provides for satellite  and street view for visual context. 
  • Import custom shape files.
  • Select by street, zip code, city name, even custom geographies.
  • Omit specific addresses, e.g. for a hostage situation.
  • Save created areas for future use.

Easy User Management and Easier to Use:

  • Mobile friendly web registration.
  • SMS-based registration.
  • IVR phone registration with multi-language support.
  • One-click web registration.
  • Quickly create custom groups from employee lists.
  • Intuitive, easy web interface.
  • Message templates to standardize and speed message creation. 
  • Industry leading smartphone app.
  • Web-based API for automated message triggers.


Automated Warnings:

  • Included in every Public Safety package at no extra charge.
  • Takes NWS watches and warnings and turns them into alerts.
  • Faster than human alert authors.
  • Targeted to the specific geographies defined in the alert.
  • Customized to your community.
  • Expandable to other early warning systems: fire, earthquake, etc.
  • API provides for automating alerts from customer systems.

Incredible Reliability:

  • 99.999+% uptime.
  • Cloud-based redundancy.
  • Leverage the billions Amazon, Google etc. have spent on cloud services. 
  • Trusted by the DOD, CIA and other government agencies.
  • Network redundancy – including SMS and email.

Infinitely Scalable:

  • AWS, Google web services.
  • Cloud deployment provides for unlimited capacity.
  • On-demand capacity increases for specific situations (e.g. hurricanes.)