Geo-Targeting With Hyper-Reach

Reach the Public More Precisely with Geo-Targeted Emergency Alerts

Select A Map Area, Instantly Reach Everyone Within Your Selection

Mapping is the number one requested feature for  emergency notification – and for good reason. Hyper-Reach’s ‘best in class’ geo-targeting is not only a powerful way to target your messaging to specific vicinities, it is fast and simple. With a familiar mapping interface, a user in your office can readily target streets, individual buildings, draw perimeters and select a circumference around an emergency site. Mapping merged with 911 data provides a robust targeting ability when it’s time to launch a campaign.

Multiple Communication Channels Into Your Map Selection –  Including Transient Non-Residents

Once your selection is made, every contact within that selection gets your message within seconds including voice, text and email. And now, with IPAWS Certification via Hyper-Reach, you can also send text messages via nearby cell towers, ensuring the reach of your massage both to locals and and to  individuals commuting or passing through your locale.

Contact Us for a no pressure demo of Hyper-Reach’s geo-targeting capabilities. And try it yourself!