mass notification solution for healthcare

Leading Mass Notification
Services for Healthcare Organizations

Ensure employees, partners, and patients get the information they need quickly and precisely

Alert groups in seconds

Your messages are created and delivered in seconds. With near-infinite scalability, we can send messages to hundreds or hundreds of thousands in seconds.

Multichannel communication

Communicate across many channels at once: text, phone, email, social media, smart speakers (Alexa), and more. And we’re constantly developing new ways to reach people.

2-way communication

Find out if your people are safe and healthy, available to work, needing help or more. All that with simple, fast, integrated message creation tools.

Send message from anywhere

With our easy-to-use mobile app and web-based user interface, you can send messages from anywhere with an internet connection. No internet? Send messages from any standard phone line.

keep your key constituencies up-to-date when critical events happen.

send alerts to your patients

Send reminders to patients and family members regarding upcoming appoints and prescription refills through patient notification systems and more.

Alert your community and local governments

  • Alert the public and local governments of critical events, lock downs and public health issues
  • Engage in two-way communication to get the feedback needed to mobilize response teams, and protect patients and staff.

send alerts to your employees

  • Keep your employees safe during different dangerous situations like a natural or man-made disaster, active shooter and more.
  • Use interactive text, phone, email and more to inform employees of location status, closures and reopenings.
  • Engage in two-way communication to get the feedback needed to mobilize response teams, and protect patients and staff.
  • Poll your workforce for availability, status, fill open shifts and more.

Take your communications to the next level with our UKG integrated solution.

In your UKG account, Hyper-Reach creates a quick contact database, which can then be updated with simple text and web-based tools.  Employers can then use interactive text, phone, and email to inform staff and patients of location status, closures, and reopenings. And employers can poll their workforce for availability, status (health or otherwise),  and more. With the addition of an easily updated information hotline and instant web pages, you’ve got a complete communication suite for fast response in critical event situations. Which you can also use for customers, suppliers, and others.

Eliminate manual processes, save money, communicate faster, fill open shifts and get the job done. And you’ve got a record of every interaction.

“With Hyper-Reach fill in shifts become simple, we eliminated lots of manual work. And the hyper-Reach team is very responsive, their pricing works, and they’re clearly customer-focused.”

John Jamieson, Healthcare

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