Hyper-Reach: Best Mass Notification System for Government

Best Mass Notification System for Government

Hyper-Reach was built for emergency response. Our first customers were 911 operators and they continue to be our biggest market. Emergency response has a much more stringent set of requirements than non-emergency uses. Hyper-Reach was designed to meet this set of requirements:

  • Near Zero Downtime. The system must be available 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Complete Data. It must be capable of handling large amounts of data including land line numbers, mobile numbers, pagers, email, text and cell tower broadcast data.
  • Meta-data. Meta-data is information associated with each record including name, location (for geo-targeting), workplace (where applicable) and more. This data powers the system and ensures that it can target as many people as necessary.
  • Fast. Simply put, the faster you get your message out, the more likely critical missions will be successful. Fast can save lives and property.
  • Easy To Use. The ability to  learn and use the system quickly and easily  cannot be underestimated. Multiple operators need to know how to get a message out. Hyper-Reach users always remark on how easy it is to use, even for non-technical individuals. And we maintain support for each and every campaign 24/7 if a user needs it.
  • Cost Effective. With  limited budgets for emergency services and high accountability to tax payers, it is critical for municipalities and government agencies to get the most for each budget dollar. Hyper-Reach is priced to meet and exceed those expectations.
  • Easy To Implement. Using your data and data from carriers, we set up your system, train your team and provide ongoing support including refresher training. Turnaround time to set up your system is in days, not months.
  • No Required IT Resources. Hyper-Reach is hosted software, meaning there are no specialized hardware or software requirements for our users. It requires no storage space or maintenance on the customer’s end. Accessible via a secure web interface, your Hyper-Reach system can be activated by any authorized user from any connected device. And upgrades are automatic and included in your pricing.
  • Secure. We have years of experience supplying secure emergency response systems. That experience means rock solid security measures throughout Hyper-Reach with servers at secret diversified locations.

The entire Hyper-Reach system suite includes much more than we can cover here. Contact your Hyper-Reach representative for an in-depth demonstration and to ask questions that reflect your own custom needs.