New Social Media Integration: Nextdoor!


Have you heard about Nextdoor, the social media network for neighbors and neighborhoods?  It’s an exciting social media network that offers great potential for public agencies of all types, including public safety, emergency management and 911. 

And to help you get the most out of that potential, Hyper-Reach is the first and only mass notification provider to offer an integration with Nextdoor. That’s important, because Nextdoor reaches almost 1 in 3 US households on their mobile devices and laptops. And, unlike other social media tools, you don’t need to get people to follow you to get your message out. As one head of emergency services put it: “DO NOT ignore this platform.  It is growing and agencies who work with NextDoor have direct access to subscribers, unlike FB…”  And Nextdoor is FREE for public agencies to use. 

Nextdoor is different from other social media networks because it’s built around neighborhoods.  When you join Nextdoor as a resident, you provide your home address, which is verified by the company. Then messages you send out are shared with everyone in your neighborhood. 

People use Nextdoor for all kinds of reasons: to find a lost pet, source local contractors or share community news. And public agencies can get a special account that lets them share important local news with their residents. 

The Hyper-Reach Nextdoor integration makes it easy to add Nextdoor as a distribution method for emergency alerts. With one click, users are on the Nextdoor platform and posting their message. 

To use the Nextdoor integration, your agency first needs a free Nextdoor public agency account. If you already have a public agency account, that’s great. If not, you can apply here:

Once you have your public agency account, your Hyper-Reach customer service manager or account manager can turn on the Nextdoor integration and walk you through how to use it. And like almost all value-added features of the Hyper-Reach system – such as automated weather alerts, unlimited user accounts, IPAWS integration and much more – there’s no added cost to the 

Nextdoor integration feature. 

For more information or a demo of the Hyper-Reach system, click here


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