New User Credential Process for Hyper-Reach


As of March 20, Hyper-Reach implemented an enhanced username/password scheme for new and changed PINs, also known as passwords. If you’re an existing Hyper-Reach customer, this won’t affect you or your staff immediately, but you’ll still want to know about it for three reasons: 

  1. This new username/(PIN)password approach provides for more protection for your user accounts. 
  2. The new approach is closer to what most cloud-based systems use today, so it will be more familiar to users who are new to Hyper-Reach. 
  3. Because the new approach is required for any new and changed passwords, your organization will need to use it for any new users or if anyone on staff needs to change their password. 

The new requirements for a username are pretty standard: 

-It must be unique. If you try a username that’s taken, the system will give you an error message. Just pick a different name.

-You can use any combination of printable ASCII characters, except the “%” sign.  That’s almost everything on a standard US keyboard.

-It must be at least 8 characters long. You can use easily remembered usernames such as your email address, first and last name, etc. 

The requirements for a PIN or password are a little different from those for a username:

-Your PIN/password can’t be the same as your username.

-It must be at least 8 characters long. 

-The PIN/password must contain at least 1 digit.

-It must contain at least 1 “special character” – mostly, those are the characters on the top of your keyboard, such as ~, `, !, @, #, etc.

-You must use at least 1 uppercase AND 1 lowercase alpha character.

Examples of valid PIN/passwords are “A2NcF$rTxx”, “1@3$aBcD” and “135&(_xYz”. 

Because these password practices are common for many systems, most people shouldn’t have any problem with them. 

If you’re an existing Hyper-Reach customer and you want to keep your existing usernames and PINs, you are welcome to do that. The system only requires these changes for new or changed PINs/passwords.

And if new users need access for launching campaigns using the IVR/telephone, we can help with that. Just contact customer service for help.


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