Promote Registration for Emergency Notification


One of the lessons we’ve learned over our many years of providing emergency alert services is that crises are very effective in getting the public to sign up for emergency alerts. Telling your residents that you’ll be using your emergency alert service – and following through – to update them about threats and advice about COVID-19 motivates folks to register for alerts. That serves both the purpose of being more effective in informing them about COVID-19, and also for future purposes. Remember to include a link to your sign-up page on every press release and news story you put out.

If your department or agency isn’t the right one for public health communications but you want to offer the use of Hyper-Reach to the right agency, please let us know. Because of the urgency of this situation, we’ll work with you to enable anyone in your community to use Hyper-Reach to enhance their communications. 

And providing that information is important. In addition to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, this World Health Organization paper is very useful in developing a communication strategy for the COVID-19 situation.


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