Sending Alerts Through Alexa-Enabled Smart Speakers


We’re always looking for new ways to deliver alerts to the public, which is why we developed an interface with Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker. 

With the Hyper-Reach Alexa interface, you can send messages to your residents who enable Hyper-Reach on their Alexa-enabled devices. Those include Amazon’s Echo devices, but also much more, including speakers from Sonos, Bose and Bang & Olufsen. All a user has to do is say “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach” and follow Amazon’s instructions. There’s no cost to your residents, and this feature is included in all of our public safety packages, so there’s no extra cost to you. 

Smart speakers are an important – and growing – way for people to communicate. There are more Alexa-enabled devices than home telephones and that keeps increasing every year as people disconnect their landlines and smart speakers continue to grow. 

And the value of smart speakers goes beyond just the number of people you can reach. As we point out in this month’s issue, Alexa is a useful way to reach people with access issues, such as visually impaired and physically disabled folks.  So Hyper-Reach’s Alexa capability lets you reach people in your community who are especially difficult to reach. 

We’ll keep working on new ways to help you reach your residents. To find out more about Alexa and how you can use it, book a demo or ask your Hyper-Reach customer service representative.


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