Sending IPAWS Messages Comes to Your Mobile Device


We talk a lot about IPAWS because we believe it’s a critically important tool for reaching the public. And we’re committed to making it easy for you to use IPAWS to its fullest extent. 

So we’re announcing our newest enhancement: the ability to send IPAWS messages from your iOS mobile devices.  That means you can now send IPAWS messages from almost any smartphone, tablet, etc. (We were already providing IPAWS access on Android devices.)

We’re one of the very few emergency alert providers to make IPAWS available from a mobile device. If you’ve sent an IPAWS message, you can understand why.  FEMA’s requirements mean there are potentially a lot of menu options to choose from, and that’s hard to fit on a smartphone screen. But because we focus so much on making it easy to use Hyper-Reach, we’ve worked hard here as well – so you don’t have to.  

So check out the new IPAWS functionality on the Hyper-Reach Launch app. You can get the app on either the Apple or Android app stores. You will need a Hyper-Reach account, so if you don’t have one and want to see how our IPAWS feature works, contact us here.


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