Hyper-Reach Critical Event Management Software

Protect people, property and profit margins with intuitive and customizable mass notifications you can deliver across multiple platforms. Hyper-Reach is the ideal tool for public safety, education, businesses and other organizations to send urgent messages to specific audiences, share information and keep people safe. 

Versatile Critical Event Management Technology

With Hyper-Reach, you’ll have one critical event management system for sending all your emergency and non-emergency mass notifications and alerts.

Incident Response

The modern world operates 24/7, and incidents unfold fast. If your business or organization has an adverse event, the Hyper-Reach critical event management system makes it easy to distribute information, eliminate rumors and put the right people into action.

Crisis Management

An ongoing crisis drains time and resources. How you respond can mean the difference between making a successful recovery or dealing with disaster. Hyper-Reach helps you keep the right people in the loop so you can make the most effective decisions.

Emergency Messaging

When dangerous natural or human-made situations occur, Hyper-Reach software for critical event management lets you notify people right away. Communicate emergency details, relay instructions, get feedback and let anyone in the affected area know when the danger is gone.

Weather Alerts

Use Hyper-Reach to communicate weather alerts to help protect people and property. Our critical event management solutions for public safety come with the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) — an advanced multi-channel network developed by FEMA.

Non-Emergency Communication

Mass notification critical event management technology has multiple non-emergency uses for the professional, public and private sectors. Use it to help manage staffing and special events, send updates and reminders, talk to customers and much more.

Mobile Phone Alerts

The overwhelming majority of Americans own mobile phones and many keep theirs by their side day and night. Our software puts your messages in front of them with direct-to-phone messaging and alerts. You can also enable two-way messaging to get status, location and more from your people.

Boil Water Advisories

Local officials are responsible for ensuring the public knows when the water supply is contaminated with germs or pathogens. Hyper-Reach enables communities of any size to let affected residents know via multiple platforms when they need to boil their water.

On-Call Communications

If you have employees working on-call outside regular business hours, Hyper-Reach helps you get a fast response when you need them. You can send texts, emails, voice messages and more to get everyone’s attention and help coordinate an appropriate response.

API Integration

If you have other emergency management and communication tools, you can unify them using flexible Hyper-Reach Application Programming Interface (API) tools. This technology is simple to integrate with your existing IT management tools, network monitoring software and building security systems.

Tornado Warnings

With automated weather alerts, you’ll know when tornado watches and warnings are issued, giving citizens as much advanced warning as possible. And with IPAWS, you can send messages to anyone within the affected area, helping you achieve maximum distribution.

Wildfire Alerts

Notify residents and business owners of approaching wildfires with mass notifications sent to their phone, tablet, desktop computer, social media feed, smart speakers (Alexa) and other platforms. Officials can let affected people know of possible evacuations, evacuation orders, weather conditions and when it’s safe to return.

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