Alert System for Tornadoes

Alert System for Tornadoes

When conditions are right for a tornado or one has been spotted, the sooner you let people know, the better. These storms can occur day or night and happen anywhere in the United States. When they strike, they can create severe damage that threatens people’s lives and livelihoods. With the Hyper-Reach emergency alert system for tornadoes, you can provide your community with as much warning as possible using mass notifications.

Why Use a Web-Based Alert System for Tornado Warnings?

Each year, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tracks an average of 1,200 tornadoes. These disasters range in severity, with larger, more devastating funnels capable of gusts over 200 miles per hour. They are responsible for about 60 fatalities per year, with most resulting from flying debris. A tornado warning works to reduce this number by giving people time to take cover.

While useful, sirens alone can be ambiguous, and will often go unheard or unheeded, leaving people unaware of the approaching threat. The Hyper-Reach web-based emergency notification system for tornadoes is the modern alternative. You can use it to reach more people faster and communicate additional information.

How Does Hyper-Reach Keep People Safe?

Hyper-Reach is an advanced cloud-based alert system for tornadoes (and more) that you can use to send customized alerts to anyone in the path of an oncoming storm. With this software, you can send notifications via voice or text and communicate across multiple platforms, informing users if a storm is on the radar or is likely.

This fully scalable emergency alert system for tornadoes offers much more than the standard-issue public safety warnings provided by the government. Users of any skill level can quickly master the platform to provide affected citizens with alerts, send instructions for finding appropriate shelter and sound the all-clear when ready.

Hyper-Reach can also spring into action if there’s an imminent threat, alerting the public faster than a user ever could. The software connects to the National Weather Service weather alert system to send automatic alerts anytime there’s hazardous weather.

The Added Benefits of Using Hyper-Reach

Hyper-Reach makes it easy to provide more people with more warning thanks to several features that come as standard options. With this emergency alert system for tornadoes, you’ll gain the advantage of:

  • Simple geographic targeting: Geographic tools built using Google Maps let you quickly set custom perimeters. The software will notify anyone inside who is connected to the cell towers — whether they’re registered with your service or not.
  • Automated weather alerts: Hyper-Reach monitors the National Weather Service to create and send geo-targeted tornado alerts faster than any human operator.
  • Custom capability: Create lists you can use to send customized notifications to different groups. You can send warnings to affected visitors and residents and use Hyper-Reach to dispatch and coordinate first responders. Templates are included to streamline notification delivery.
  • Added benefits: Hyper-Reach is a dependable web-based alert system for tornadoes. It has an intuitive dashboard you can access from the web using a PC or via our leading smartphone application on a mobile device, and it includes APIs for integration with your community siren.
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