Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Systems

In any organizational crisis, the faster you can distribute information and coordinate a response, the better chance your organization has of coming out on top. In today’s world, preparation means adopting a crisis communication and management system you can rely on — and that means using Hyper-Reach mass notification software.

Mass Notifications for Crisis Communication

Mass notifications play an integral role in crisis management for companies and organizations of any size. When something presents a threat to business continuity or could tarnish your reputation, mass notifications let you instantly connect with Crisis Management Teams (CMTs) to help control the fallout and initiate recovery.

Crisis communication and management systems give teams the tools they need to complete tasks in just seconds that used to take hours. They are the perfect solution for:

  • Initial fact gathering.
  • Analyzing crisis impacts.
  • Making informed decisions.
  • Updating concerned parties.
  • Allocating internal resources.
  • Acquiring external resources.
  • Enabling real-time collaboration.

Using Hyper-Reach Crisis Communication Systems for Business Continuity

Establish Dedicated CMTs

Designate specialized Crisis Management Teams using your employee roster. The simple user interface makes it easy to create and update custom contact lists.

Pre-Plan Your Response

Hyper-Reach lets you pre-record messages that you can distribute at a moment’s notice. It also comes with various message templates to help speed up the process.

Put Teams Into Action

If a crisis hits your company or organization, our mass notification system works faster than humans ever could to give teams and key stakeholders all the details.

Send Regular Updates

This platform makes it easy to write or record new messages from your computer or smartphone. You can send text messages, voice messages or use our text-to-speech feature.

Talk to Your Team

In addition to sending messages, Hyper-Reach also lets you receive them. You can structure your mass notifications so that recipients can respond directly to you.

What Sets Hyper-Reach Apart?

Hyper-Reach is an infinitely scalable, cloud-based and cost-effective SaaS platform for crisis communication with 99.999% uptime — even in severe conditions. This crisis communication system is integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud computing providers. It leverages the billions that these corporations have spent developing cloud services to ensure you get the message out while enjoying an optimal user experience. Hyper-Reach also comes with the benefit of ongoing customer support from a team committed to your success.