Emergency Mass Notification System

Emergency Mass Notification System

Emergencies happen fast, whether in the form of a natural disaster or something human-made. When you’re hit with the unexpected, your response makes all the difference. With the Hyper-Reach emergency mass notification platform, you can formulate an effective response and act on it faster than ever before to help keep people and property safe.

Who Needs Emergency Mass Notifications?

An emergency mass notification system gives you the power to send instant notifications and alerts to people during emergencies. This software allows entities of any size to move fast and mitigate risks, limit property damage and prevent avoidable financial loss. Organizations that can benefit from emergency mass notifications include:

  • Schools and universities
  • Manufacturers
  • Industrial chemical producers
  • Energy producers and utilities
  • Financial service providers
  • Corporate organizations
  • Government offices and agencies

What Emergencies Are Mass Notifications Used For?

Mass notification technology can notify anyone in harms way and let everyone know the steps they can take to stay healthy and safe. Typical alerts include:

  • Extreme weather: Emergency mass notification software is an excellent way to let people know about approaching tornadoes, hurricanes and other severe weather.
  • Natural disasters: Mass notifications can provide people with valuable time to prepare and evacuate if they face imminent danger from a fire, flood, volcano or tsunami.
  • Health risks: Instant alerts are the fastest way to pass instructions and information about health and safety risks like a chemical spill, 911 emergency or virus outbreak.

With Hyper-Reach, you can transform any crisis management system for chemical facilities into a versatile communications tool. This platform lets you create and send customized mass notifications you can use to better:

  • Promote safety: If there’s an incident in your facility or during transport, you can use mass notifications to alert anyone in the affected area instantly. The software lets you select between using contact lists or sending updates based on geographic location.
  • Respond to incidents: Mass notifications are also useful tools for notifying response teams. If you have a critical event, you can use your software to reach out to the right people, ensuring continuity by limiting damage, preventing losses and speeding your recovery.
  • Connect with staff: Hyper-Reach is a two-way communication tool that you can use to communicate with a global workforce. It features automated language translation supporting over 100 languages, and you can set alerts allowing recipients to message back to keep you informed.

Reach More People Faster With Hyper-Reach

Hyper-Reach is an advanced SaaS emergency mass notification platform that you can use to reach as many people as needed when emergencies strike. It is a reliable tool that you can scale to fit your needs and includes many advanced features that are included as standard.

Multiple Ways to Send Alerts

Our system lets you decide how to send notifications. You can compose text messages, audio messages, attach photos and translate alerts from English into more than 100 other languages. The software also lets you determine where users see them, with instant delivery via social media, desktop pop-ups, smart speakers (Alexa) and many other systems.

Targeted Emergency Notifications

With Hyper-Reach, you can make sure more people get the alert. The software features geographic targeting using Google Maps, the same interface you’re already familiar with. You can view maps in satellite or street view and set custom geofences using address information, city data or your own custom overlays. Anyone in the selected area can get an instant emergency alert.

Automated Emergency Warnings

Speed matters in the event of an emergency, and Hyper-Reach helps you deliver a rapid response with the ability to set automated warnings. Hyper-Reach is integrated with the National Weather Service and FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). If there’s an impending weather event or disaster like a tornado or hurricane, it can automatically generate warnings and send them to the right people.

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