Incident Management System

Incident Management System

If your business or organization suffers an IT incident, you need to act fast to contain it — or it could grow into a much bigger issue. With the Hyper-Reach online incident management system, you’ll be ready to coordinate an effective response at a moment’s notice.

Take Advantage of Automated Incident Management

Hyper-Reach is an advanced, web-based mass notification system that you can scale and customize to meet your needs. It is the fastest, most advanced and most effective way to reach your people when the clock is ticking and every second counts.

This platform puts you in instant contact with everyone you need to handle the situation, including the IT department, C-suite executives, key stakeholders and your computer security incident response team (CSIRT). With mass notifications set up through an online incident management system, you can quickly and efficiently notify your company teams and your customers.

Hyper-Reach helps you stay ahead of the incident. You can immediately make decisions to put a fast and effective solution in place, simultaneously controlling fallout while working to recover.

A Scalable Incident Management System

With Hyper-Reach, you can customize the software to fit your company size and organizational structure. The entire system exists in the cloud, and you can access your account via a web browser or our mobile app, ensuring that your messaging capability is always within reach.

When you set up an online incident management system, you can take advantage of multiple innovations designed to connect more people in a way that works for today’s professional world. Hyper-Reach comes with many advanced features for your benefit.

Simplified Messaging

Create messages on-the-go, pre-record notifications, or use our template feature for faster message creation and distribution. You can use your phone or PC to type messages, record your voice or create audible messages using advanced text-to-speech technology. 

Multi-Channel Broadcasting

Incidents happen at all hours, and many can’t wait until the morning. When you have a message ready, you can use Hyper-Reach to simultaneously distribute it across multiple channels for maximum reach and engagement, including:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media
  • Desktop pop-ups
  • Internal digital signage
  • Smart speakers, such as Alexa

A User-Friendly Interface

Quickly add your employees to the system and create customized teams. The web interface and app both feature intuitive navigation and controls, making it easy for anyone to quickly master the software and get the best return on investment.

Flexible APIs

Connect Hyper-Reach to your existing IT and other business integration tools to gain even greater notification capabilities. Our automated incident management software features built-in API tools that make it easy to communicate with a wide range of different custom and standardized systems.

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