Inclement Weather Alert System

Inclement Weather Alert System

Even with advances in forecasting, the weather can turn in the blink of an eye. The Hyper-Reach inclement weather alert platform lets you notify people and provide them with instructions when nature threatens their safety.

A Simple, Secure and Reliable Weather Warning System

Storms and severe weather can be devastating for anyone caught off-guard. With Hyper-Reach, you can quickly get in touch with as many people as possible to provide clear and unambiguous warnings using mass notifications — including registered and unregistered residents – even passing through the area.

Hyper-Reach was designed from the ground up for public safety, and we’re constantly developing new features to deliver an optimal experience and maximum reach. It is 100% scalable to meet your needs and comes with a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Simplified user sign-ups: Connect with as many people as possible with mobile-friendly web, phone or text-based registration.
  • Geographic targeting: City and county agencies can use Google Maps integration to issue alerts using custom geofences.
  • Language support: Deliver your message with clarity in English, Spanish and 100+ other languages using automatic message translation.
  • Federal weather alerts: Hyper-Reach issues automatic mass notifications using data from the National Weather Service and FEMA IPAWS.
  • Cloud service: This platform is a cloud-based SaaS application. The only equipment you need to issue alerts is a computer or our smartphone app.
  • Two-way messaging: A messaging feature lets you communicate back and forth with team members, responders and other personnel and individuals.

Hyper-Reach uses IPAWS Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) to broadcast severe weather warnings to mobile phones. You can also choose to issue alerts via phone call, voice message, email, desktop popups, social media feed and smart speakers (Alexa). And you can use our mobile app to easily select the groups and delivery methods you want from your smartphone.

Why Implement the Hyper-Reach Inclement Weather Alert System?

With Hyper-Reach, you can send instantaneous alerts to registered and unregistered users, giving everyone the most time to prepare. You can let people know what’s coming their way and provide them with guidance on what they can do to minimize their risk, like avoiding an area, sheltering in place or preparing to evacuate.

Notifications sent by the Hyper-Reach severe weather alert system include:

  • Flood warnings
  • Heat advisories
  • Tornado warnings
  • Hurricane warnings
  • High wind warnings
  • Winter storm warnings
  • Tropical storm warnings

The integrated automated weather alert feature issues mass notifications automatically. Hyper-Reach moves faster than humans ever could, providing people in the affected area as much warning as possible. When the storm passes or if it changes, you can easily cancel your alert, issue updates or broadcast an all-clear.

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