Mobile Phone Alert System

Mobile Phone Alert System

When emergencies happen, every moment matters. The faster you can alert people to danger or critical events, the more time they have to plan their response and act. The Hyper-Reach LaunchTM mobile phone alert system lets you keep everyone in the loop with mass notifications you can write and send using just your mobile phone or tablet.  



Hyper-Reach is a cloud-based SaaS application that is scalable to match the size of your organization. It’s also completely customizable and suited for use in a wide range of applications, including business, education, manufacturing, energy production and government.

This emergency alert system for mobile phones lets you contact the people you need to reach — fast. And because you can send alerts from your phone, you can use it to quickly notify people of critical events and mobilize response teams to coordinate an appropriate strategy in emergencies or a crisis.  

The Hyper-Reach system is ideal for communicating:

  • Missing person alerts.
  • Active security situations.
  • Health and safety hazards.
  • Dangerous weather events.
  • Demanding business developments.
  • Essential information or instructions.


Hyper-Reach is an advanced SaaS emergency mass notification platform that you can use to reach as many people as needed when emergencies strike. It is a reliable tool that you can scale to fit your needs and includes many advanced features that are included as standard.

Multiple Ways to Send Alerts

Our system lets you decide how to send notifications. You can compose text messages, audio messages, attach photos and translate alerts from English into more than 100 other languages. The software also lets you determine where users see them, with instant delivery via social media, desktop pop-ups, smart speakers (Alexa) and many other systems.

Targeted Emergency Notifications

With Hyper-Reach, you can make sure more people get the alert. The software features geographic targeting using Google Maps, the same interface you’re already familiar with. You can view maps in satellite or street view and set custom geofences using address information, city data or your own custom overlays. Anyone in the selected area can get an instant emergency alert.

Automated Emergency Warnings

Speed matters in the event of an emergency, and Hyper-Reach helps you deliver a rapid response with the ability to set automated warnings. Hyper-Reach is integrated with the National Weather Service and FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). If there’s an impending weather event or disaster like a tornado or hurricane, it can automatically generate warnings and send them to the right people


The Hyper-Reach mobile phone alert system lets you send mass notifications whether you’re at home, the office or on-the-go. We keep each account secure, so you can securely send messages from your account using our industry-leading smartphone app. 

Our innovative software comes with several advanced tools and resources. Deliver important messages, with speed and clarity, to the right people when the situation demands it most using the following features.

Messaging Tools

Create message templates to save time, and re-use model messages for rapid message creation.

Text and Voice Alerts

Send messages as texts, in your own voice or use our clear and understandable text-to-voice feature to play an audible message.

Custom Geofencing

Hyper-Reach is integrated with Google Maps, making it simple to create and set custom geofences that alert anyone in the perimeter.

Registration Options

You can register users through SMS message, IVR or over the web. You can also put them into custom groups that are easy to manage.

Language Translation

Make sure your message is understood by everyone with accurate translation from English to 100+ other languages as a standard feature.

Two-Way Messaging

Once you send your mass notification, Hyper-Reach lets you get answers back. You can enable two-way communication via phone, text or email.

IPAWS Messaging Included

If you’re in public safety, you can send IPAWS messages from your mobile phone with the Hyper-Reach Launch app: a Hyper-Reach exclusive.

Advanced Cloud Technology

This software for mobile phone emergency alerts leverages the technology developed by Amazon and Google to deliver 99.99+% reliability and amazing speed of delivery.

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