On-Call Communication System

On-Call Communication System

Simplify how you manage your on-call staff with mass notifications delivered to the people you need, whenever you need them. Hyper-Reach makes it easy to fill scheduling gaps, communicate updates and collaborate with your teams at any hour of the day.

The Benefits of Using an On-Call Communication System

If you’re still managing an on-call staff using manual phone calls, group texts, standard group emails and other outdated methods, you’re making things harder for you and your team. An on-call communication system puts everything into one unified platform. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively:

  • Reach on-call staff: If there’s an emergency, critical event or scheduling obstacle, you can use our unified messaging platform to quickly send tailored alerts to specific people, groups or your entire contact list.
  • Locate key personnel: When you send out mass notifications, you can have team members message you back using secure two-way messaging. Find out where they are and work to get a resolution.
  • Eliminate confusion: With an on-call incident management system, you keep all your messages and responses in one place, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for multiple conversation threads.

Hyper-Reach Cloud-Based On-Call Incident Management Software

Hyper-Reach is a SaaS platform that you can scale to match the size of your organization. This user-friendly software lets you create and send interactive mass notifications across a range of different channels. You can use it to contact your teams at all hours, whether you’re distributing regular work responsibilities or responding to a critical event.

With Hyper-Reach, everything exists in the cloud, eliminating the need to create and maintain additional phone rosters and spreadsheets. Access the entire platform using our smartphone app or a mobile-friendly web browser. You can take advantage of multiple features with Hyper-Reach.

Greater Reach

The Hyper-Reach on-call incident management system allows you to broadcast customized mass notifications. You can deliver alerts to mobile phones, computer desktops, social and RSS feeds and more — and send them all at once. You’ll be able to connect with your people whether they’re at home, at the office or on-the-go.

Simplified Messaging

Use built-in tools to create and save messages for later, compose notifications faster using templates and translate messages from English into 100+ other languages. You can also record alerts that play in your voice or use an advanced text-to-voice feature that takes your text and plays it over a clear and understandable voice message.

Advanced Technology

Hyper-Reach uses cloud technology developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, the industry’s most recognized names. The platform also has a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can quickly learn to master, whether using a PC or mobile phone. It’s also there when you need it, with network and cloud-based redundancy for 99.999%+ uptime.

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