Wildfire Alerts


When emergencies happen, every moment matters. The faster you can alert people to danger or critical events, the more time they have to plan their response and act. The Hyper-Reach LaunchTM mobile phone alert system lets you keep everyone in the loop with mass notifications you can write and send using just your mobile phone or tablet.


Tens of thousands of wildfires break out across the U.S. each year, consuming thousands of square miles of property. These disasters are unpredictable and they can cause devastating damage. They can also be dangerous or even deadly for those caught off-guard and trapped by the flames.

In most cases, people with homes and businesses caught in the path of an oncoming wildfire are powerless to stop it. Their best course of action is to evacuate, and the best way to deliver that message is through mass alerts sent with software capable of broadcasting them effectively.

If a wildfire threatens to impact the people in your community, you can use a mass notification system to communicate:

  • “Prepare to evacuate” notices.
  • Evacuation orders.
  • Instructions for evacuating safely.
  • Information on shelters and resources.
  • Progress updates on wildfire containment.
  • Details on when it’s safe for people to return.


Hyper-Reach is an advanced, cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that you can use to provide as much warning as possible when wildfire season hits. This system is made to deliver clear and helpful messages to the maximum number of people. A series of advanced tools and resources included as standard features makes sending these alerts easy.

This web-based wildfire mass notification system provides organizations of all sizes with the ability to:

Reach More People

Hyper-Reach lets you compose and send text or audio messages, with the option to use text-to-voice technology or record using your voice. You can send notifications to mobile devices and computer screens and display them in multiple ways for the most engagement. Even deliver messages on Alexa-enabled smart speakers!

Deliver Targeted Messages

Create customized geofences to send alerts to the people who need them while leaving others undisturbed. Hyper-Reach notifies everyone in an affected area using geographic targeting. It’s easy to create a custom perimeter using integrated Google Maps technology.

Communicate More Effectively

Craft and save messages from scratch or use the included templates to make sure you’re ready to say the right thing at the right time. You can also attach photos to your mass notifications, and there’s a built-in translator compatible with over 100+ different languages.

Coordinate First Responders

On top of keeping the public informed, you can also use Hyper-Reach to manage response teams on the ground. The software lets you create groups for custom messaging, and a two-way messaging feature lets you receive real-time progress reports you can count on for making informed decisions.


The Hyper-Reach mass alert system for wildfires has a lot more to offer no matter how many people you need to reach — and the best way to see for yourself is through a custom virtual demo. 

Please fill out our contact form to get in touch for questions, pricing and to schedule your demonstration.