The Importance of Geographic Relevance in Emergency Planning

We spend a lot of time reviewing the literature on emergency planning.  And – in a way – we think that there’s a little too much information out there – without a great guide to what is best or most useful.

One way to help people focus on what’s best for them is to focus on what’s relevant to them.   Some obvious example:  tornadoes aren’t much of an issue in the Northeast, earthquakes are much more relevant in California than Connecticut, and tsunamis don’t register for Kansans.

While that’s all perfectly obvious, the question is how to focus the public’s attention.  And that’s where local emergency managers come in.  Because they know the types of emergencies that are most relevant to the publics they serve.

Here’s a great resource we found on one topic (wildfires).   It lists specific states and what kinds of landscaping is best in those areas.  We wish it were available for all states.

Although our focus is on mass emergency notification, we’re only too happy to point out resources like this that help emergency managers help their constituents get ready when disaster strikes.


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