The National ENS Pricing Survey

When I joined Hyper-Reach six months ago, I was consistently told that we were usually much less expensive than other leading vendors of emergency notification services.  So I wanted to verify that and also be able to prove it.

To do that, we scoured the Internet, looking for news stories about communities that bought these services and what they paid for it.  We figured – rightly, it turned out – that because the buyers are public agencies, the cost of the services would be covered by the media.  And once we found a news story, we also went to see if we could find other data, such as meeting minutes, budget documents, etc.

Now we have over 300 price points from around the country and here’s what we’ve found so far:

  1. Pricing for emergency notification varies a lot from county to county, city to city, etc.;
  2. Some of the price variations can be explained, but others are a real puzzle;
  3. Even buying from the same vendor, it’s possible to have a difference of more than 5 times on a per capita basis;
  4. And yes, Hyper-Reach is generally less expensive than most comparable services.

Since I used to run marketing research at a very large company, I wanted more rigorously-collected data.  So we decided to launch a survey of every county and city big enough to afford emergency notification services.  And we’re asking for your help.  In exchange, we’ll give you a copy of the results.  We’ll also give you a copy of the early research we’ve gathered so far.

To complete the survey, just go to this link and fill out the form.  You can fill it out anonymously or not, as you choose.  There’s even a page to skip the survey and just request the results.

Thanks in advance for your help.  We see this as a “win-win”.  No matter who your vendor is, you’ll be better off knowing what you should be paying for this important service.  And since our pricing is a bargain, we’ll get the benefit of showing that definitively.