The Power of Simple


We believe that innovation does not require complexity. In fact, the most successful innovations are often the simplest. 

Most people aren’t aware that the first iteration of Instagram, the photo-sharing mobile app, was a complicated and feature-laden app called “Burbn”. CEO Kevin Systrom stepped back and cut out the clutter, paring it down into something people could understand and use in 30 seconds. Snap a photo, choose a filter to transform it into a work of art, and quickly share it through social media. Result? Instagram amassed two million users in only four months, a rate of growth faster than Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter at the time, and was then famously acquired by Facebook.

While we have a long history of “firsts” in Emergency Notification innovation, we also work hard at keeping our system as simple as possible. Here are some examples of firsts and how we kept things simple:

  • As the first hosted mass notification systems, we eliminated the need for separate computers, phone lines and software;
  • With Google Maps to target alerts, the system is instantly familiar and easy to learn;
  • Our fully automated weather notifications eliminates the need for staff to manually send those out;
  • We were the first to send IPAWS messages AND we made it a seamless part of the system to allow including WEA messages as part of the same workflow;
  • Providing a local caller-ID for voice calls made it easier for citizens to know the call was local;
  • Combining phone and text to the same number to simplify the promotion of community sign-up;
  • Easily integrating the delivery of emergency alerts through Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

The benefit to you is a simpler, easier-to-use system that anyone can be trained to use in just a few hours. Which means you can send messages faster and spend less time in training. You can even send a message on the go with our Hyper-Reach Launch app. And it’s fully integrated with IPAWS.

With a system that’s designed to be simple, mistakes are difficult to make.  Hyper-Reach uses a simple three-step process that makes sending a message a snap. It’s so simple that users of other systems tell us that it’s the easiest, fastest, simplest system they have seen.

We appreciate… the ease of use of the interface. The IPAWS interface is particularly efficient and easy, when compared to similar solutions.”, – Eric. H, Emergency Manager

“The App is the easiest way to send a message.” – Jacques Thibodeaux, Emergency Preparedness Director

It is simple enough for us to use daily, but is capable of expanding as needed during our peak times.”  – Robert G., EMA Director

The best systems offer lots of capability while keeping their systems simple and easy to use. That’s why we are determined to remain the easiest-to-use full-featured emergency mass notification service. 

Your ENS should help you and your staff work smarter, not harder. Which is why we don’t have a “University” for training. Anyone with a high school diploma can use our system. 

And the same applies to your residents. Signing up should be as easy as saying “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach”. 

To see our system in action, book our free online demo today. 

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