This Week in Emergency Notification

We subscribe to a number of news services that give us stories about emergency notification throughout the US and the world.

And since some of it is interesting, this seems like a good opportunity to share.

Here’s the best of what we saw this week, which, coincidentally, was  National Severe Weather Preparedness Week:

– If you haven’t heard already, a Washington, PA city councilman put “Brian is gay” out on the local emergency alert system.  This story even made the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.   No word yet on whether “Brian” has responded;

 – A town in CO used their ENS to tell folks to stay in their homes during an arrest gone awry.  The messages were sent around 1AM on 2/23 as police sought a suspect who fired at officers, led police on a chase, and fled off on foot.

– A new service in India lets people text to a special number, which then dials a pre-defined list of 10 friends and family.

– Rand Paul’s filibuster was supposedly interrupted by an emergency alert.  Apparently the EAS alert was not about a drone strike, which was part of Paul’s reason for the 13 hour marathon speech;

– A 30-page report details the failures of emergency alert systems in the Waldo Canyon fire in CO.   About 40% of the messages went to voicemail and answering machines.

– We announced a program designed to help offset the Federal budget cuts called “sequestration”.  For 2013, we’ll guarantee 25% savings vs. any comparable ENS system to any government agency.