Through Hail and High Water

Severe weather can have an extremely damaging impact on communities. Often times we think about the damage of tornadoes, heavy winds, hurricanes, and earthquakes. However, they are other assailants that accompany these storms that can cause major damage. Hail can be devastating to towns and cities. Parts of Nebraska and Iowa experience the destruction of hail a few days ago. Roofs can collapse, glass shatters, and drivers caught off guard can loose control of their vehicle. Hail can cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose power and be left in the dark.

The good news from this? With emergency weather notificiations sent to specific areas that will be effected, including those on roads or highways, residents and passerbys have time to prepare. Buisness and homeowners can throw up panels to protect their windows. Drivers have time to seek shelter under bridges or parking decks. Residents can prepare for power outages.

It is important to keep yourself safe and informed with the lastest weather updates by signing up for emergency alerts. You can register for your local alerts at