Usage Tip: Another Reason to Use Templates (and How to Use Them When You Do)


If you’re already a Hyper-Reach customer, you’re probably using our template feature. Templates make it easy to standardize messages by letting you create stock messages where you just fill in the blanks. 

There are many great reasons to use templates. They improve the quality and consistency of messages and they can help you get a message written quickly. And you can use templates to ensure that you follow best practices, such as including all critical information.

You can also use templates to make sure that your messages are a reasonable length. While Hyper-Reach can deliver longer messages than you would normally use, in most circumstances, shorter is better, all other things being equal.

To make it easy for you to design templates that work for you, we’ve put together a little Google sheet that you can find here. You can use it to design your template and also test it with real-world examples of the kinds of messages you would want to send. 

We hope this spreadsheet is helpful. If you want us to make any changes, just drop us a line at We’ll be glad to modify the sheet to help you.


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