Using Alert Systems for Events.

Unfocused scene of runners of a popular race with children and seniors doing jogging exercise.

Got a local event going on? Whether it’s a bass tournament, a concert or a marathon, many communities have local events that bring in lots of visitors from outside their immediate jurisdictions. And communication with those visitors can be difficult during emergencies and other important situations.

Hyper-Reach can help.

Our new EventReach™ service lets event attendees quickly and easily register for emergency alerts and other important information, just by texting a code to our instant registration number. Then, when you need to send information to your attendees, just create and send a message in the Hyper-Reach system. It’s as simple as that.

With EventReach, registrations are kept active for as long as you determine. You can keep registrations active before, during and after your event to notify visitors while they are on their way, while attending the event, and when they’re on their way home. Here are some of the kinds of messages you can send:

  • Traffic issues around the event
  • Announcements of drawings, surprise events
  • Weather events
  • Delays and changes of venue
  • Cancellations
  • Emergency situations
  • Thank you messages for attending

And EventReach is fully integrated with the Hyper-Reach system, which means that when you send emergency notifications based on the area where the event is taking place, your message will go to both your residents and your visitors, without having to select the visitors list separately. 

So if you’ve got an event coming up, try the new EventReach service. Just contact your Hyper-Reach representative to learn how. 


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