Using IPAWS for Mass Notification


While IPAWS has been available for years now, there are still thousands of jurisdictions that are not Alerting Authorities. And given the power of IPAWS Wireless Emergency Alerts, we think it’s worth reviewing the reasons to become an authorized Alerting Authority and why getting the software needed to send IPAWS messages is so useful. 

  1. IPAWS requires no registration – anyone in a target area can receive the message on their phone.
  2. IPAWS messages can now contain 360 characters as well as hyper-links. So you can send a bulletin with lots of information to the public.
  3. Many COVID-19 situations qualify for WEA messages. The rules for sending a message via WEA are simple: an imminent and likely loss of life or property. Since the coronavirus is highly contagious and has a known estimated mortality rate, we think any significant exposure to the general public fits this definition.
  4. To support FEMA’s push to get more qualified governmental agencies to participate, we’re offering – for a limited time – IPAWS for free to new customers.

If you’re not already an authorized Alerting Authority and want more information, you can reach us at 877-912-7437 ext. 3, or fill out the form here


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