When Emergency Alerts Fail

For those of you that have been following the weather across the country, you see that tornado season is in full gear. Communities with a history of tornadoes are keeping themselves prepared and on high alert. Emergency alert systems are especially working hard during tornado season to provide the latest and quickest up-to-date information. Unfortunately, these systems are not always successful.

A few weeks ago, Tuscaloosa’s emergency notification system failed to send an automated alert to worn of an impending tornado. Alerting local citizens in a quick and organized manner can save lives, especially during devastating tornadoes. One research paper says a 15 minute warning can reduce injuries and death by as much as 40%.

Local leaders want to keep their citizens safe and an efficient emergency system is important during severe weather.  We’re sure the folks in Tuscaloosa are working with their provider to make sure this failure doesn’t happen again.

We’re fortunate that a failure like this has never happened on the Hyper-Reach system, but we’re always looking for ways to improve, so we’d like to understand what went wrong and make sure it can’t affect us.