Why Choose Hyper-Reach?

In all of our sales materials, we stress ease of use, reliability,budget friendly pricing, all in one packaging of services. We tell people that we’re “big” on remote accessibility (you can use a phone to launch the system from anywhere). We offer a strong customer service component after the sale. All of these things are certainly true and we  stand by them.

But the real reasons that people say yes to The Asher Group, to Hyper-Reach and to Hyper-Reach IPAWS are our guiding principles of work each day. People sense this commitment in us long before they even buy Hyper-Reach and become close working partners with us:

The principles  by which we are guided:

  • Our passions are the source of our strength.
  • There is no thing which could not be done still better.
  • Feedback is the key to perfecting in any field.
  • The purpose of our work is actual benefit for our customers.
  • We aim at harmonious integration of technology with life.
  • We  extend kindness and ease of stress for all who contact us